14 August 2015

Weekend in Grey Scale

Grey interiors has been my crush of late.   Thanks to Pella Hedeby (especially her styling works for Ikea seen on STIL INSPIRATION  and Ikea Live) I've come to once again see the beauty in monochromatic greys.  And I just love how the natural ashy q+white wash of wood tones blend in quite well too.  Tiring of my strict black + white scheme in the last little while I'm thinking of a complete colour overhaul. 

The worldwide Ikea 2016 catalogue launch has exploded on the web and everybody is eyeing one thing or two or even an entire collection! Check out these links in case you missed them :

Aren't you excited??  My home improvements are slowly coming to a close. I'd like to finish these little touches before autumn.   Do you have projects this year? 

Enjoy your weekend! 

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