23 January 2015

Sucabaruca by Luca Nichetto

The Nor'easter storm is looming in the tri-state area, putting a damper on New Yorkers' weekend plans.  For me these storms make me look forward to good cups of coffee and reading a book!

Speaking of coffee...  last winter my favorite Toronto store Mjölk launched Italian designer Lucca Nichetto's Sucabaruca.  No need to tell you this product is on my wish list.

"Pop" collection is a tribute to artist and photographer Jean-Paul Goude.

Inspired by Martin Margiela is the white porcelain collection.

The pastel collection is said to be influenced by the "colour and sensitivity used in Japanese architecture".

Lucca Nichetto has been recently linked with his colleague Oki Sato Nendo, whom both are widely known as Nichetto-Nendo during the launch in Milan Design Week 2013.

A known collaborator, Lucca has also been famous for working along side other labels like Foscarini, Casamina, and Cassina, to name a few.

Source kitka 

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