25 June 2016

Every Corner Counts

Another tiny flat struck me like a lightning bolt!  Space and storage is a consistent struggle in most homes no matter the size.  Inhabitants adapt in any way they can whether their home is 260 square feet or 2500 square feet.  Let's face it, organization is often a dilemma...  And fact of the matter is people tend to want and collect instead of need and select.  I myself am a constant editor, but loving beautiful objects is a weakness I admit.  Thank god for consignment shops, this way I can expand, rotate, and make my money back.  How about you?

This space!  Any tight spot is a designated corner.  My favorite corner is the sitting area in the bedroom/ attic space.  Do you have one?

For more clever tiny spaces check out KRiSPINTERIOR's small space pinterest board!  Here you'll find heaps of great ideas.

Fantastik Frank

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