03 June 2016

Small Space, Smart Space

Often city dwellings offer shoebox apartments for those with a smaller pocket.  Worry not, you just need to be smart about it!  So many organizational ideas have surfaced the net these days, and especially IKEA with its many, many solutions.  Besides, IKEA is a life designer more than anything else!

Scale is usually a challenge for most when it comes to small flats.  Don't get stuck on tiny furniture -- this will give your home a dollhouse effect.  Go big and go smart.  Mix your vintage treasures with modular pieces as well as easy IKEA finds.  And really, the trick is in the mix!  And make certain that there is "a place for everything, and everything in its place" (a quote I remember from a book by Wolfman Gold Company back in the 90s).

SODERHAMN modular sofa by IKEA can be a great piece for someone starting out.  This particular piece can be larger by adding other modules for a larger home once you are ready to upscale and upgrade.  With thin legs and floating pieces, this flat gives the illusion of continuity throughout without sacrificing the owner's style and collection of vintage items (in this case a Harry Bertoia chair).  

A small place could still offer a tiny dining area.  Perhaps a gate leg table could be a better solution if entertaining friends is a part of your life balance.  A pristine white space could be clinical for some, but adding personal touches could be the ultimate solution such as placing brass fixtures in a somewhat flat white kitchen.  Also different shades of wood in varied areas add warmth.

A well segregated area keeps that small space looking smart and krisp.  With this digital age the need for storage shelving is slowly diminishing.  Keeping the basic essentials is a definite art and takes a good amount of editing.  Living minimally is the new age.  Are you ready for it?  I could live here -- what about you?

Interior Styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Sara Medina Lind

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