20 July 2013

Modern Morrocco

Nothing is more intriguing to me than Morrocco.  The architecture is different than anything I have seen.  The courtyards, the pools, the arches, and layer of patterns and colours.  Made of mud and clay, mixed with ornate wooden carved walls, columns, doors and Moorish windows, it is so mysterious and often surreal to those who have never visited. The book Modern Morrocco illustrates the varied architecture and interior design.  It was the beginning of this endless curiosity.

This Marrakech home was featured in Weranda magazine.  Built in 1790, it was originally part of a mosque.  I am especially drawn to these types of white structures reflecting Mediterranean influence.  The mix of modern furniture pieces makes it even more alluring!  The travel bug hits me once again...

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Photographs by katarina malmström

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