21 July 2013

Modern Paris

Once upon a time when I lived in my parents' modern country home, my bed was a vintage hospital cot with a frame made of old pipes and the bed surface of bamboo caning.  My storage cabinet which belonged to my grandfather was beat-up with layers of paint peeling off.  I thought they were the coolest things!  My fixation with loft living started in the early 90s.  I bought "The International Book of Lofts" in NYC...  I visited The Candy Factory model homes in Toronto during my days off.  My appreciation for industrial touches stayed with me since then.  

I just looove converted spaces!  Tucked somewhere in the Bastille district in Paris, this flat was once a workshop.  I adore the exposed brick wall-- both raw and painted, the rusty metal staircase with perforated sheets...  Just about everything!  I could go on and on.  The best part is the mix of glossy and rough finishes.

french by design

Photography Nicolas Matheus

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