06 July 2013

Paris: A Story in Light + Dark

A fan of Martin Margiela since the wee years of the 90s,  I began to have an awareness of fashion to its high level that goes beyond brands.  In my short trip to Antwerp years ago, I realized the creativity and forward thinking in the industry.  

In Paris, La Maison des Centraliens is centred in the otherwise known as "The Golden Triangle" in the 8th arrondissement.  A townhouse originally built for royalty in 1864 underwent several renovations through the decades to what it has become today, an ultimate luxury hotel.

Commissioned for the project was Maison Martin Margiela to redesign the concept of this hotel without losing its classic Parisian essence, and yet representing the modernity and playfulness of his own design.  Architectural elements are carefully preserved, if not enhanced.  With added touches of surprise and twist, it is quintessential Martin Margiela.  A study of opposites, the rooms offer a story in light + dark, the "Couture Collection"...

The White Lounge

White Cover Suite

Guilded Lounge Suite

Lost Mouldings Suite

Curiosity Case Suite

A golden door leads to the Cigar Room

The Blind Bar

Classic Haussman Architecture

Images via Yatzer and La Maison

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