13 June 2014

Summer Weekend Escape

I arrived Miami for work on wednesday, and here I am getting antsy about dipping my feet in the sandy beaches!  I have yet to explore the city…  I'll let you know in the next few weeks how it goes!

Meanwhile I dream away, wishing I could be in some villa in Greece all over again.  Hotel San Giorgio in Mykonos is definitely on the wish list.


  1. That place is just amazing! I saw pictures of it on Instagram (if I remember correctly, they were published by Pella Hedeby), and my jaw just dropped...it is so so beautiful!

    1. Yes it's amazing isn't it! Pella Hedeby did visit recently,I remember. These photos I originally found long time ago on The Style Files, and I've been in love since... I promise, next time I visit Greece I will stay here...


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