07 June 2014

Summer Paradise Dreaming

Looking for the perfect holiday spot is a truly daunting task.  It's like looking for a soul mate-- there is a must-haves list, and you should be able to transport yourself to the realm of that space, smelling the salt air and feeling the warm sunrise on your skin as it enters your bedroom window…  Nothing beats my fond memories of Santorini.  Aahhh, summer dreaming.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to build your own someday and create those memories?

I entered the Remodelista hole this morning and stumbled upon this fabulous house situated in Hydra, in the village Vlykos.  It was built by architect Theodore Zouboulakis and it is a holiday retreat for his family.  He simply built his soulmate, meeting all his requirements to create the most perfect modern rustic setting!  With favourite textures of concrete, marble, steel and well-selected rustic furniture.  I am in looove…

Photography Studio Paterakis via Zoumboulakis Architects

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