08 June 2014

Lofty Amsterdam Digs

I am currently planning my European trip this year.  Chosen destinations are Basel to visit a longtime friend, and Stockholm.  The latter being a purely inspirational trip.  This is truly a difficult task, as I am tempted to make so many stopovers!  That would include Amsterdam.  Oh how I wish I could!  My trip to Amsterdam in 2009 really stuck with me.  That city is so visually stimulating…  The narrow homes and cobblestoned streets, the stylish people, the markets, shops, canals!

Dwell featured this amazing house.  Looove the white-painted brick walls, rough wooden beams, and the mid-century pieces.  Oh, that George Nelson daybed!  The mix-and-match dining room is a gem.  I can't wait to do that in my next flat-- my chair collection has been growing actually.

Enjoy this house tour!

Photography Rene Masman

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