18 June 2014

Little Blue Finland

Every summer the colour scheme that strikes me most is blue and white.  I think -- Santorini, Mallorca, perhaps the sunny beaches in the tropics.  Never really Finland.  But I came across this article on Remodelista about the home of a Finnish stylist's in the Hamptons.  Oh wow!  I love this home, and the more I read the article it truly was a nice feeling to see how a person can love his/her history, art or tradition and to let that background stay intact within the confines of their abode.  

Tiina Laakonen and Jon Rosen's home embracing Finnish design envelops that Hamptons feel in indigo hues.  It is just gorgeous-- from rag rugs to Marimekko fabrics to Finnish crockery and the like, to paying homage to current Finnish designers' work.  It is essentially Little Finland in the Hamptons.  Wouldn't you just want to spend your summers here?

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