02 June 2014

Behomm Home Exchange

With thanks to Emma Fexeus, I am consistently exposed to inspiration.  She feeds my ongoing Scandinavian dreams.  Along with those dreams are my undying love for other people's amazing home interiors…  And of course my own home is a never-ending project.  I live rather simply, and not much of what one may state as a "designer home".  But nonetheless, it has become my baby, and it evolves constantly.

On Scandinavian Deko via Emmas Designblogg I discovered Behomm.  It is a private home exchange program shared by creatives from around the globe.  What more can you ask for but to see a beautiful home with your own eyes, touch it with your own hands!  Not to mention stay there through your holiday break!  It is definitely one of my dreams, you have no idea.  Here is a montage prime examples of designer homes in the program chosen by Emma herself.  I don't doubt the difficulty in choosing a mere few…

I suffer from the travel bug, and like many I prefer to have my own personal experience while exploring other cities.  Being a member of airbnb.com this allows me to comfortably stay in someone's home.  But now, perhaps Behomm is the way to do it

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