16 January 2015

Is Minimalism a Struggle?

Some folks cannot envision a home in grey scale, or any kind of achromatic scheme.  Minimalism is a struggle, a turn-off, or simply lifeless and cold.  I tend to disagree.  I often work with texture and treat it like colour.  I love Pella Hedeby's response to people's doubts:

"But is it too colourless, dull and boring?  Or do you feel like I do, a calm and a liberating feeling in a room with simple and restrained decoration?  For me it is enough to add a shaggy sheepskin in order to experience total cosiness factor.  And instead of colour I chose to combine materials such as Carrara marble, concrete wood and textiles with structures.  It is enough just like that."

As you know I've been struggling to keep the bedroom and workspace as calm as possible.  I've been searching for perfect inspiration for some time now.  This home reflects ALL my ideal details, or lack thereof.  Styled by Pella, she never disappoints!

Interior styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Kristofer Johnsson

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