15 January 2015

Living Small even for Big People

The Big Apple is a tough cookie.  The city of endless opportunities, it never sleeps, and is a melting pot.  Name it, you can do it here!  But living in the big city has its price.  Even the big names start somewhere small.  I can name a few celebrities who lived in Brooklyn prior to much coveted, over-priced Greenwich Village or TriBeCa.

Today I share with you the small studio that belonged to the late James Dean.  Yup, I had a crush on him too...  He lived in his West Side studio until his death in 1955.  He lived modestly when he was away from Hollywood.  Nothing but him and his books and music.  It was  a fifth floor walk-up (just like my very own flat) and small space living to the fullest -- built-ins to the ceiling, and what seemed to be a modular set that included three main functions of the home:  Sleep, work, entertain.

Photography Dennis Stock

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