17 January 2015


My flooring wants and wishes could be infinite.  I'm open to a lot of options.  I do like reclaimed wood floors, leaving them as is, with their weathered finishes in different natural tones.  Funny enough, I've been seeing this in some retail shops, my favorite being Urban Outfitters here in Lower Manhattan!  But the dream of all dreams is either of the following:

1. Black floors
2. White floors

Am I so predictable!  (I can hear my friends answer this out loud in unison)

Thanks to My Scandinavian Home she once again featured the home of Swedish photographer Jakob Nyland whose home is currently up for grabs.  That flooring made me *gasp*!  And you know I have admiration of how key people work with a small space.  I love the floating credenza with strategic way of displaying collections.  They're all very different objects, and yet so unified.  And that collage! BUT- most of all, the industrial work desk floored me!  You like?


  1. Great pictures of a fantastic place.
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Happy days

    1. Thanks Elisabeth! I could live here! I love small spaces that are done so well.

      XX Kris


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