01 March 2015

Joe's Cabana

Back in the 90s, I used to spend my days off visiting concept stores and  model loft homes to find inspiration.   Let me tell you a story...

Are you a fan of the fashion brand Club Monaco?  Back in the mid 80s, Joe Mimran was in search of the perfect, krisp white shirt.  Unable to find one fitting his standards, he made one.  This led to a later successful brand, Club Monaco, which focused on minimalist basics, and a palette of black, white + neutrals (a palette I hold so dear).  It helped that he came from a family background of a garment-making business.  His entrepreneurship didn't end there -- hungry for a wider appeal and love of branding he created a lifestyle store called Caban.

So here's the end of the 90s, young little me, slowly discovering that interior concepts and visual merchandising brought tears to my eyes out of pure happiness, I spent my days in these shops such as Caban and UpCountry in Toronto just taking it all in.  Joe Mimran's world resonated with me.  Ralph Lauren purchased Joe's brand and has stayed loyal to its core design.  Joe ventured on to new avenues, such as the label Joe Fresh, and today resides on the Upper East Side of NYC with wife Kimberly Newport, the fashion genius behind Pink Tartan.  This couple love their art, design and fashion.  Together they have created a fantastic sanctuary that houses an eclectic collection of furniture, art and dreams.  I can only dream of my own Joe's cabana.

Architect Edward I. Mills
Interior Design John Barman + Erik R. Smith
Photography Simon Upton 

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