06 March 2015

Monochromatic Weekend Inspo

I've been on a monochromatic kick since the beginning of the week!  Can't wait to renew my flat this weekend.  Do you have spring cleaning duties as well?

The design of this home in Czech Republic was based on the owner's time spent in Norway.   I don't blame him,  I experienced the same thing years ago when I returned from my brief work in Oslo!

I am loving every bit of Scandinavian influence here:
The monochromatic scheme,  the mix and match dining chairs,  the objects, everything!   The cubes are my favorite thus far!   I, myself,  have been in search of Finnish Palaset cubbies.   Collectors are not budging to give them up even for a any price. I might be able to imitate it using IKEA (TUTEMO or the not -yet -released-in -America cubes that are seen on the European catalogs, VALJE).

Source Design Milk
Architecture OOOOX
Photography Martin Zeman

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