14 March 2015

Space Challenged? Here's How to Deal...

My line of work often challenges my team to have smart solutions.  Space is often a luxury, especially here in New York.  When fresh out in the world and starting out, it's easier to build a life around the space constraints and be very smart about your choice of furnishings.  With sustainability in mind these days, it's just essential that you choose less but you choose well.  I believe that is Vivienne Westwood's famous quote, which I live by (I've learned my lesson).  Now, for someone downsizing it might be more difficult to decide what to keep and what to donate.  We can learn a thing or two from this small flat.

Small vignettes add interest to your space.  Keep it few, but a large piece of art can be the wow factor.  Floating storage units, whether built-in or with legs, give the entire space a more airy feeling.

Modular seating works best and you can change layouts from time to time to suit your needs.  A mobile coffee table is a great solution, and you may move it as you please.

Double-duty furniture pieces are a must!  This one covers both the dining function, work from home, and being connected to loved ones.  Small furniture is not necessarily a better solution.  In this case the large table compartmentalizes two adjacent areas, but still offering a unified effect.  

Stackable seating encourages entertaining at home without a problem!  They are light enough to stow away when not needed, and while stacked they don't take up too much space.

Play with scale.  This large plant is sculptural and gives the space a nice modern feel.

Folding tables are a gift from the heavens.  This particular one is an old IKEA gem!  IKEA is a great source for space saving items.  Again the stackable stools are a wise choice.  Mobile carts are perfect both for storage and also for additional work surface in the kitchen.  For entertaining -- wheel it where you need it!

Keeping items behind closed doors keep your small space looking fresh and clutter-free.  A few 
often-used essentials could be left exposed.  Hooks and rails give you larger worktop.

Verticality is the way to go.  Do you have some square footage above your door for seasonal items?

Mobile wardrobe carts are perfect for tight hallways.  This solution keeps you within your budget instead of cabinets.  The space remains an open feel, and leaves your coats and shoes looking organized.  Perhaps adding multiple hooks on the wall could serve as your catch-all for hats, scarves, keys and bags.

Source Stadshem.se

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