02 March 2015

Inspiration Block

Ohh, it's monday…

Our home is in shambles, and forever I am torn.  Editing is such a daunting task, and doesn't seem to end.  I can't find a place for everything!  So then I decided I will discard of items I haven't used or longed for in a while.  This is normally a quarterly event, but somehow it continues to be this looming chore.

My love for an all-white interior slowly diminishes as my days go on here in New York City.  The dust that settles here is rather relentless and gritty.  My clean, OCD self cannot handle it.  Inspiration these days have been leaning towards light grey and white combination with warm touches of rustic wood.  Still clean and krisp.  Minimalism seems to be a far-fetched dream so my inspiration is often blocked.  But I will not give up.

Here are my finds this early in the week…

sources 1 / 2  / 3 / 4

Forever indebted to my heroes for inspiring me.

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